Continuous Vacuum Freeze-Drying Equipment.....Thermal technology and Its Application

Freeze Drying means....
Cooling moist foods rapidly to -40°C under vacuum to remove the water by sublimation is commonly called freeze-drying.
Freeze drying maintains the original appearance of the food with almost no loss of flavor or nutritional balance.
Due to their high porosity, freeze-dried foods rehydrate instantly in hot or cold water.
They are popular with consumers because of their quality and convenience.

Principle of Freeze Drying
Vacuum freeze drying is a method of drying materials that must be preserved with their essential qualities intact.
It has many applications in various fields ranging from food and confectionery preparation to biochemistry and pharmacology.
The process dries the material by removing the water content using sublimation cooling.

The chart on the left shows various food-drying technics;
Natural drying, Hot air drying, Vacuum drying, Freeze drying.
Each technics is applied as considered to be appropriate to a particular product need.

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